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July 09, 2012

Picking berries.

Yesterday we went blueberry picking with Evva and Oscar and their parents Erin and Mike. At Rush River in Wisconsin as recommended by Lewis' preschool teacher Jen (about and hour and a half drive). It was a picturesque place with bushes bursting with blueberries. Everywhere you looked you see ripe blueberries, it was pretty spectacular. Apparently it's been an unusually good season. The woman there said we were welcome to stuff our faces and we all did (Netta and Bailey have had some bowel movements of entertaining colors...)

Afterwards, on recommendation of the folks there, we drove two miles to swim in the spring-fed super cold Rush River. There was a muddy bank that the kids couldn't get enough of and across the river spring water trickled down--it felt like ice water. A fun outing that I sense might become a tradition. Not cheap, though. We spend $60 on the berries.

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i love to eat berries!

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