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January 25, 2016

Art's piano recital

During a two week break from piano lessons Art learned (with Jessica's help) a really wonderful piece of music by Satie called "Gnossienne 1". Moving and intense and dramatic, I love to hear him practice it. When Art went to his piano lesson to play it for his teacher Sharon she was so moved she wept. Not just at the music but at how much Arthur had learned and grown on his own. It was a wonderful moment in the little boy's life that I think he'll remember a long time. He still feels sorta bad about making his piano teacher cry but ah well. Make them cry!

Here he is performing the piece at a piano recital yesterday

January 24, 2016

Ice skating this afternoon

Jessica and Emily apparently skated to Michael Jackson's Thriller in their South Minneapolis backyard 30 years ago. And here we are today. Awww.

January 02, 2016

Hello kids!

I'm away for a few days and sending these heartfelt self portraits back to the kids.

January 01, 2016

Thumb free for the first time

Tonight marks the very first night Bailey and netta have ever fall
asleep without sucking their thumbs. It's an extraordinary thing and
we are so proud of them!!! We put some horrible tasting stuff on their
thumbs and in a move of solidarity me and Arthur and Jessica put it on
our thumbs, too. It's repulsive tasting. A strong deterrent. Anyway,
just wanted to make this post for the record, it's a major moment in
their small lives. And something we all are proud of!

December 31, 2015

Christmas dinner was at our house this year

It was a real fun time.


Dangerous moment in our backyard the other day... Watch sitting down.

Happy 41st birthday, Jessica!

Well, sadly, I failed to get a photo of beautiful and super-old Jessica on her birthday (Dec 26th). Can't believe I'm actually married to someone in their 40's. So embarrassing. At 39 at least I can help Jessica stay connected to the younger generation.

Anyway, as is our new family tradition, we went to the art museum on her birthday. Here's Netta and a real big dog.

The view 500-feet above our house

from a drone!

Lewis jumping, slowly.

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