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July 07, 2016

Fishing with Grandpa Tim

measuring a worm

Nighttime duties

We are trying a new nighttime chore regime, where kids work together every night on dishes, sweeping and wiping down table. When it work (which it does most of the time) it's a pretty wonderful feeling for everyone.

Our own little scullery maid!

Congratulations, Lewis!!!

8-year-old Lewis just finished the TWELFTH and final book in the series How to Train Your Dragon. It's just so amazing to me, so proud of him for reading so many thousands of pages and feeling the big feelings books can give you. Congratulations little boy! And even better, he did it all with this wonderful bookmark.

Riding the light rail train to a Saints baseball game in St. Paul

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June 21, 2016

Summer sing-a-long

Sunday we had simple, super-fun sing-a-long that I failed to take any photos or video from. here's a nice little thing captured by our friend Pat Cook (thanks, Pat!).

June 03, 2016

Bubbe with her daughters

Jessica recently bought an amazing baby stroller for Netta at the thrift store (for $2!) and told me how much she wished her mother was here--what fun it would have been to celebrate such an extraordinary find with her! And there would be no other person I would rather discuss the fantastic, depressing presidential election with. What would she think of Donald Trump! Oh man I would just love to sit down and talk all about it with her. We miss and love her so much.

Marco and the Beast, a long story as told by Bailey and Netta

I have no expectation that anyone besides maybe Bailey and Netta (and perhaps their grandma?) will listen to this entire story.

Jessica said today the girls worked together to make a book called "Marco and the Beast", carefully "writing" each page. Below is a secret recording Jessica made of them 'reading' the story back to her. I imagine this could be pretty fun for the girls to listen to in 20 years :).

And a few photos of the book:

by BaileyNetta

Brothers pre-haircut (forgot to take the post haircut photo!)

Carma, our old, still-capable cat, treed.

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