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August 31, 2014

Camping, sort of

Jessica went away for her first three day overnight trip to a meditation retreat. And I'm happy for her and was also scared. Anyway, long story short, I'm laying in the RV camper borrowed from our neighbor camping with the four kids. Some mild Moments of panic but overall a fun nearly relaxing time. More pix later!

August 23, 2014

Happy birthday, Nanna

Jessica made a spectacular carrot cake for my ma Nan who is town this week. The girls were so excited to celebrate one of their favorite person's birthdays.

Pretty photo from the fake pond near our house.

A walk in the woods

It's across town but worth the trip--Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, a place of extraordinary beauty right ni the heart of the city. Here are some photos from our recent visit.

Leonardo's basement camp

This year Arthur and  Lewis attended a camp at Leonardo's Basement called 'raiders of the lost junkyard'. On the first day they set an old record player, a tape deck and a sewing machine in front of the kid and then showed them the drawer of screw drivers. TAKE IT APART. Art was very worried about camp, about being left alone and not knowing anybody except Lewis. But he came home on the first day saying it was awesome. So that's good. Not cheap, tho! Special thanks to my ma for helping pay for the thing.

here's Art hot gluing some stuff to make a boar with a real little motor and battery. They also learned to saw and drill all by themselves.

Lewis tickling a goat.


August 16, 2014

Lewis heartbreaking toy stand

Jessica sent me this photo at work a few weeks ago and just found it. It was a moment in his life he really wanted a new Lego set and realized he was broke. Poor guy didn't sell a toy. Although apparently someone did stop by and give him $3 just because. He tried again the next day and I alerted our generous neighbors who came down and bought a couple things.

Playing on the St. Croix River today

Here's a joke from my adolecense that made more sense today. "Why don't women drink beer at the beach? They don't want to get sand in their Schlitz..." SORRY!

FYI, on all these Vine videos you can activate sound by clicking on the icon on the lower right!

August 14, 2014

Fun picture from my assignment out of town

From training camp for the football team, this is the new quarterback everyone apparently is going ape-shit about. WHO CARES!? I don't, except when it makes a fun photo like this :) The fence collapsed and fans kept on trying for autographs. Here's a gallery from today.

August 13, 2014

Philosophical question

When four children take a nature walk in the woods away from any sort of bathroom, must they all simultaneously express a desire to poop?

--sent from my handheld device--

Lewis' gazillion dollar realization

"Papa, you know, we don't need to buy Lego sets, I can just make my own!"

And it's true, he's been making spectacular and elaborate Lego creations of late. We will post more photos as they come into existence. Nice work, Lewis.

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