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May 24, 2016

Some photos from our new neighborood

We are so grateful to have moved in a living in our new neighborhood. It's been a gift for our family to be surrounded by such beauty. So many bike rides are being hard and pretty photos being taken!

playing on a mini-beach on Minnehaha Creek

Bailey running on a patch near the creek.

Lake Hiawatha fisherman

"Take a picture, Papa!" -Bailey






Lewis on his birthday with his friends.

A little moment in two girls' lives.

When I drop Bailey and Netta off at their hi-5 preschool I just love watching them walk off together, often hand in hand. It's a scary moment for them, walking past all the big kids and all the way their classroom, and it makes a Papa proud and happy to see them together heading into an experience all by themselves.

Netta seconds after losing her first tooth!

Here's a mother I love.

May 16, 2016

Bailey's first cello perfmance

This weekend Bailey played her first cello recital with Jess, such a wonderful little moment in both their lives. Bailey is often shy so it was extra fun to see her up there sawing away with such vigor and bravery. Jess is teaching Bailey with the help of the ‘cello fairy’ who sends lesson instructions via email. I’m so tickled by that, such a creative way to give Bailey and little independence and Jessica some teaching support.

April 24, 2016

Bailey riding a bike for the second time.

Netta learned first about a month ago and a couple days ago, BAM. Bailey was a bike rider. In fact just yesterday we rode more than 3 miles to a park on other side of Lake Nokomis, no problem. So fun her and fun for us to be a fully mobile family on wheels.


quadruple balloon bath

April 10, 2016

backyard skatage

We're loving our new house, see a spot in our backyard that will hopefully work for a ice rink. Here we are skating a few months ago in our old backyard.

Two girls of the house

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