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January 16, 2017

Nanna having lunch with some happy proud girls.

Just in, Nanna's at IKEA with the girls.

January 06, 2017

Poor Lewis got hurt

We have some hanging rings in our basement and one of them allows you to spin indefinitely, it's kind of a heavy metal bar that spins with a ball join. And sadly it snapped completely out of the wood, the huge screw popped out. And the bar hit Lewis super hard in the face. And broke his nose. It's very sad and I feel bad.  It was a scary moment, lots of blood and what not. Arthur felt bad it wasn't him that got hurt. Lewis is an amazing sport and as cheerful as anyone could or should be in the situation.  On Monday he'll go back to the doctor to get his nose adjusted, a procedure which requires him to get some happy-feeling gas. Luckily there will be no long-term damage but it's still a bummer. Here he is in a photo Jessica took this morning.  Arthur in the other kids are enjoying noticing how his face is turning different colors every day. 

December 30, 2016

A few Christmas photographs

can you guess what this was? Santa brought it for us. Thank you, Santa!

The kids talking with Tim and Cynthia on the new iMac.

Lewis, realizing he got exactly what he always wanted, a TYPEWRITER!

Jessica with her favorite gift, a long-missing All Clad pot lid.
Christmas dinner was a bunch of (mostly) tasty lasagna.


December 29, 2016

A note from Bailey's kindergarten teacher

As you may know, Bailey considers herself a 'boygirl' and looks like a boy to those who've just met her. Which can be confusing to people in her class. Jess and I are trying our best to just give Bailey space to be who she is. In the meantime, she has an extraordinary teacher who respects Bailey's gender fluidity and has experience with this sort of thing. So it was really heartwarming to have received this lovely note from Mrs. J yesterday:

Hello Ben and Jessica,
Just wanted to send you a note about your amazing Bailey. The day before the student of the month celebration, a friend at her table said something like, "It's so cool that brother and sister get to be students of the month together!" And Bailey and I smiled and nodded because it IS really cool that they were recognized at the same time. I didn't say anything about them being sisters to the other student and neither did Bailey. 

I pulled Bailey aside later and asked how she felt about that (she said she was fine with it) and I asked if she would have preferred for me to have told the other student that they are sisters and she said no, that she didn't want me to. I asked if she wanted me to correct students if they said "he" or "him" and she said no. I try not to use any pronouns when talking about Bailey so that no one tries to correct me. If I say "she," someone will say, "you mean he" and I don't want that to be awkward for Bailey. I just thought you might want to know. Please let me know if Bailey says anything about gender and school that you think I should know about. 

She and Netta continue play together and with other students. They both seem to be having a good time and are advancing academically as well. They are always among the first students to follow directions. And they are self-sufficient - especially with putting on their outdoor stuff, zipping coats, etc. They both make a lot of connections to the texts, songs and poems we are reading in class. I've noticed that Bailey catches on with math really quickly and seems to have an big interest in it. Netta is so excited to read to me and loves pointing out when she recognizes something we are talking about. 

So basically, your kids are great! I appreciate all you are doing/have done to prepare them for kindergarten. Looking forward to seeing them in the new year!
Ms. J.

December 27, 2016


It's true, they were students of the month in December. #PROUD.
Jess and I were there to see them get compliments from their entire kindergarten class and I took this shaky video.

December 26, 2016

Happy Birthday to Jessica!

Today is my wife Jessica's 42nd birthday (and as someone who's barely 40, my god that's so old...! She was actually...
Posted by Ben Garvin on Monday, December 26, 2016

Click here for all these photos nice and big.

Old video made new (by reposting)

December 23, 2016

December 22, 2016

Photo of Bailey and Netta nervously waiting to perform at their first ever recital.

Here's some video

Halloween aftermath

These photos, like most I've been posting of late, are a few months overdue. Notice the unusual snack Lewis was munching on while others were gorging on their candy booty.  

Look at this cool Lego thing Bailey made.

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