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May 12, 2015

Netta's story (with some help from Lewis)

Jessica sometimes sits down and transcribes a story told by a kid, like this wonderful little diddy from Netta (apparently with a little help from Lewis)


"Once upon a time there as an old lady.  She had a son and he never stopped eating.  His name was Lewis.  And he can't stop eating.  He loves to eat spicy pickles and more and more pickles and he loves to have cucumber.  And his favorite color is red.  he never could stop eating,  He never could!  And then he laid in bed and sucked his thumb and then he read a story about the old lady who had a boy who couldn't stop eating.  The boy left a piece of cucumber for the old lady.  

One day the boy was walking so much and he ate and ate and ate the WHOLE world and the MOON!  And then he ate the universe.  He gobbled something up.  Itw as a big troll monster.  He had twenty eyes.  Now Lewis was giant.  He had the troll monsert, the earth and the universe inside him.  Then he pushed himself into a a big, big water bottle and drank it all up and then he fell into a deep sleep.  And then he came out and saw he was stuck in a giant's belly.   It's SO small.  And then he grabbed his saw and ate a part of the saw and then the saw growed bigger and cut a big hole into the giant's belly and then he was alive and a dragon.  And then the dragon named Lewis throwed up - he throwed up a BIG throw up!  - and went into the smooshy pool and drank himself up.

The End.  I love you, Mama.

May 04, 2015

Few photos from a soccer tournament Art played in this weekend

Art joined some friends from school to play in a soccer tournament this weekend. They never practiced once and a few of the kids met each other for the first time during the first game. But the experience was pretty extraordinary and cool for art. A real referee?! Jerseys? It was all pretty cool. They played four games and lost each one by many goals. But fun and learning was had. some photos:

April 29, 2015

Lewis' Lizard Poem.

I am so glad my boys' teachers have used some of their time to teach poetry.  After I was awestruck by Lewis' lizard poem he told me he used three techniques: alliteration, repeating a line ("imagine...) and I don't even remember the third.  Probably too fancy.  (I corrected all his spelling for this just to make it easier to read).

Lizee the Lizard
by Lewis

the bones
How tiny 
would be
the brain
as big
as a
Imagine the 
leopard gecko living lizard.

April 16, 2015

Life. By art

can't remember if we shared this poem art write a few months ago when he first learned to the beauty and fun of typing.

April 15, 2015

Farmer Bailey in her Texas tuxedo

Look who we saw on a walk with Uncle Josh in S. Minneapolis the other day

Bike ride picnic

The other day the girls and I rode our bikes a few blocks south the Minnehaha Creek for a picnic. I wasn't planning on much until Netta came downstairs with a beautifully packed basket with a carefully folded blanket inside. It turned out to be quite a proper little experience, complete with a pretend baby and owl. Lovely.


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