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July 01, 2015

Some photos from a camping trip Art went on with his 3rd grade class

Actually, 3rd and 4th grade class, but Art's a third grader. They went on an overnight trip with another class and they had an incredible time. Parents took tons of photos and I grabbed these of Art. One of the camp counselors promised to jump in the lake with a pink dress on if a kid got a bulls eye in archery. Art was on of a few kids who did :)

June 30, 2015

Two boys reading together.

There is plenty of arguing that goes on in our family, but on good days there's also some of this.

Some photos from our recent trip to the cottage

All six of us spent a few lovely days at the family cottage in Hancock, Wisconsin. Some photo:

A photo posted by Ben Garvin (@bengarvin) on

Some photos from Willow

I stole a bunch of photos off Ms. Jen's wonderful tumblr page where she posted a bunch of beautiful Instagram photos from Bailey and Netta's last year at Willow Preschool. Jen has been a gift to our whole family, creating an inspired place for children to explore and play and learn.
I hope these photos might serve as tiny doors to childhood memories when they come back and check this blog in 20 years.  Starting of with a couple fun videos Jen took, then a bunch of photos.
A video posted by Jen Boss (@jenboss) on

A video posted by Jen Boss (@jenboss) on

Lots more photos after the jump!

"The best part of me is Tourettes"

A little diddy Art wrote about himself at school. I think all our kids will wish to be shorter from time to time, they're all beasts.

A photo of Papa and his friend Ed with his new baby in Washington D.C.

Jack's the name.

More kids trying/playing instruments

Papa showing off his MAD SUZUKI SKILLZ

and while I'm here, Arthur performing a duet at a recent piano recital:

Will Bailey be a cellist?

A while back we went to a kids performance at the MN Orchestra (so good I already forgot he name of it). It was actually pretty fun, especially before the show when the kids all got to try instruments. Jess and I both agree that Bailey fits the cello like a glove.

Look at the tongue of concentration!


her first.

And Netta, too, but it didn't make for a title as nice:

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