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October 25, 2019

Art and Lewis meeting Garrett Gurthie, one of the best disc golfers in the world :)

Over the weekend we went and watched the finals of the disc golf pro tour in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kinda nerdy but really fun for us. The boys have been watching disc golf online with me at night sometimes and so fun to meet these guys in person!

Some photos from our trip to North Carolina

Art, lewis and I just returned from a trip out to North carolina to visit family. And sharing some nice photos to prove it! I have been terrible about blogging lately and will make some serious posts sometime soon. But not now :)

September 20, 2019

"Don't make our earth look like Uranus."

Jessica took all the kids out of school for the climate strike today. So proud of all of them.

July 29, 2019

Weekend at cottage with kid friends

Arthur and Lewis each brought a friend (Ottar and Josh) to the cottage for a few nights this weekend and it was such fun for everyone. I got to fish lots (we ate fish both nights!), the boys plays lots of Catan, made up weird games, swam all the time, they fished with me lots since fish were a-bitin'. Funniest was they walked to nearby campstore and apparently played weird pinball game for bouncy balls. Put a quarter in, get at least one, sometimes two bouncy balls. So they spent all their money on that and came back with pockets STUFFED with bouncy balls. 20-30 each. Then they traded like it was Halloween candy.

Jumping off the bridge at Minnehaha Creek

This seems dangerous, and it probably is, but we went down and checked the depth, it's deep! And tons of kids and families have been jumping off lots. Here's Art showing his sisters how to do it. The twins were going to do it, then not, then going to, and eventually, right before we were going to leave, Bailey did it. And then Netta had to. Summer fun!

Lewis leading his sisters into the light.

June 19, 2019

2nd graders for one last day.

This was Bailey and Netta's last day of 2nd grade. Next year they're gonna be big third graders at the bigger Keewaydin school. Exciting! Scary! Forward moving!

June 09, 2019


Lost of kids and cousins in lovely light

A Jessica look-a-like

Art said, "Bailey looks just like Mama, I can really see her face in there." And Bailey said, "thanks so much, Art!"

June 07, 2019

Art's play!

Art was in a play at his school Upper Mississippi Acadamy that was written and produced by the kids. Called The Other World. It was pretty inspired and fun, all based on Disney characters but entirely different, too. Here are some photos!

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