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April 16, 2015

Life. By art

can't remember if we shared this poem art write a few months ago when he first learned to the beauty and fun of typing.

April 15, 2015

Farmer Bailey in her Texas tuxedo

Look who we saw on a walk with Uncle Josh in S. Minneapolis the other day

Bike ride picnic

The other day the girls and I rode our bikes a few blocks south the Minnehaha Creek for a picnic. I wasn't planning on much until Netta came downstairs with a beautifully packed basket with a carefully folded blanket inside. It turned out to be quite a proper little experience, complete with a pretend baby and owl. Lovely.


Three girls in bed.


Arthur, who sometimes reads this blog, left this little note for the Easter Bunny that I find sorta heartbreaking. Basically saying, "I'm growing up but I'm in no hurry to grow up so do what you have to, Easter Bunny."

Netta sharing her loot with Bailey

Photos from our walk at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Sunday

April 02, 2015


Visiting my friend Ed in D.C.

Recently I spoke at a photo convention in D.C. and the highlight was spending time with my good friend Ed, his wife Jenna and their new person Jack.

Ed's favorite spot in the city:

Boys stuffed in a box

Beauty alone is relevant

This year's April Fools post wasn't a blog post here but I wanted to share it here in some form as a way of archiving it so the kids can enjoy it when they're old enough to appreciate it! So, briefly, I made a fake blog with a fake art critic who wrote a fake post about 4-year-old Bailey's artwork. The blog is here, but I doubt that site will be up for years so I'm pasting the thing below. My father Tim wrote it entirely, and it's pretty damn funny.
First, a Facebook post linking to the blog:

Here's a spectacularly weird and fun thing. Three days ago we got call from a guy called David Dachelet, a retired art critic from New York Magazine. He saw our 4-year-old daughter Bailey's art after a mutual friend of ours in NY sent him a link to a facebook post I had made. He said he was inspired to write a little blog about it. Cool! We talked a while and he was asking all sorts of questions about Bailey, our family, etc, I sent him some more photos. And then earlier today he just sent me this link to a post about her work. It's a little over the top but who cares! I just think it's cool he'd even consider writing something about a 4-year-old. And our four year old! Have no idea where this will go but it's fun to think of others out in the world seeing this stuff.

The Innocence Blitz
by David Dachelet

Beauty Alone is Relevant 
Today I am going to risk a little. My reputation certainly. Perhaps my identity! Hopefully not my sanity, but time will settle that.
As an art critic, I trade in beauty. My office is to notice it, to demand it, to press my cheek against its glass house like a beggar and implore it. For that, my world, the world of art, is filled with friends and enemies. In the end, both are equally irrelevant.
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Nothing is more frustrating

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