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September 26, 2015

Swim Swum

Art's class at Barton has been going swimming each day this week at
the Y and his good friend John just passed the deep water swim test,
as evidenced by their rush for the deep water.

September 17, 2015


Was certain this was a cat poop in our tub, carefully piking up with toilet paper. No! It's Bailey and Netta's absolutely favorite bathtub toy!

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September 10, 2015

Anyone need a couple mops?

This is Art with this friend and fellow hairy head Silas.

From Follow Art 14

Lewis is such a supportive big brother

Two of the many many wonderful things Lewis makes

Jessica's shrooms

Jessica is a real admirer of the FUNGUS AMONGUS. So last week when we took a tiny overnight trip to the real beautiful Banning State Park a day after it rained, she insisted on stopping periodically to snap these lovely photos of spectacular mushrooms. "Mama! Mama!" we'd hear every once in a while as we'd approach a kid standing proudly over a mushroom find. And they are pretty amazing. Also sharing some photos from our one-night stay in a hotel, something that all six of us love. Hotels are just so fun with their made beds and TV and pools and crappy but tasty breakfasts. Good fun.

Jessica with a marionette doll

Actually, she has a harness around Bailey's back a she helps her "skate" around the entire block. Jessica modeling love and patience and arm strength for us.

September 08, 2015

September 07, 2015

Netta's bravery of late

Netta, who is often shy and reserved, is also often brave and amazing. For instance, we went sailing with my brother Josh a couple days ago and she insisted on swimming back to the surfboard as the boat slowly pulled it. Other kids did this but never alone. But Netta! We smiled and admired her as she struggled to get on the board and watched as he expression morphed between fear and elation. We couldn't get her off the thing.

And then today we just returned from a superfun one-night trip to a hotel and Banning State Park. At the hotel pool the girls, who both have undergone a swimming-confidence-growth-spurt, swam and swam. And Netta even did this, over and over and over. By herself. With no life vest. It's big deal in her little world and was superfun for her parents to watch!

Some very short videos of late

I have fun using an App on my phone called VINE which allows you to make up to 6-second looping videos. Here are some of late:

Papa is a big ear

Had fun showing the kids these videos I shot for work. We'd watch them each night on TV. Wore a huge paper mache ear and walked around the state fair asking a single question each day. A few of them are pasted below.

"What are you proud of" asked the #KARE11ear on it's last day at the Minnesota State FairWhat's your favorite thing? ...
Posted by Ben Garvin on Friday, September 4, 2015

"Can you make a funny face or noise?" asked the #KARE11ear
"Can you make a funny face or noise?" asked the #KARE11ear
Posted by Ben Garvin on Thursday, September 3, 2015

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