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March 16, 2015

Art's noble reason for not trying to kill the mouse I saw scurry across our floor this morning

There are millions of people in the world, right Papa? Well if just one of them died a lot of people would be super sad. That's why I don't want that Mouse to die.

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March 11, 2015

Brave Lewis

Lewis woke up with a 'hot throat' and a fever recently. I took him to urgent care, STREP! Poor fellow. We got a prescription for antibiotics and stayed there in the doctors office to practice swallowing the pills (2 pills, three times a date for 10 days!). He couldn't even get one down. He just couldn't figure out the swallowing thing. The other two options were a liquid he takes just as often (which he hates) or a one-time shot. Lewis said with confidence and bravery, "the shot." So back into the doc's office we went. And it's no ordinary shot as was made clear to me and him. A huge penicillin shot that hurts buckets. I held him at the nurse pricked his leg and injected a pretty extraordinary amount of fluid into his 6-year-old leg. He screamed and cried, such a hard moment for him (and me). And the nurse, who said she almost cried. Afterwards he limped over and got a How To Train Your Dragon sticker. Later I asked him, if you could reverse time and choose again, a shot or the liquid, what would you choose? "The shot." A brave fellow he is!

Art ice fishing

At the recent kite festival on Lake Harriet.

Netta and Bailey at preschool

A little boy we love

Lewis is an artist, a thinker, a creator, a lover, a hugger. So extraordinary and unbelievable that he CAME FROM OUR LOINS!

Netta playing hockey

Our backyard rink is suffering a slow painful death as temperatures have swelled to 60+ lately. Here's Netta last week getting in some hockey.

Funnest thing to do

Swimming with Nanna!

March 07, 2015


This looks fun until everyone ruthlessly jockeys for position around the sink.

March 03, 2015

Four sleepos

First and only ballet class

We tried taking Bailey (center) and Netta (right) to a ballet class but it was just too scary! But at least we got this lovely photo :)

March 02, 2015

Muffin maker

Netta making muffins with Nanna (these are from a while back!)



A couple months ago, after Jessica had the smart idea, we had a sing along at the house, something I hope becomes a regular thing! Here are some long overdue photos and video from the fun time. My father and his wife Cynthia, who's amazing on the piano, were in town and helped out.

Bailey is minus a front tooth

Bailey banged her front tooth on a couple things over time and was hurting and infected. So the dentist pulled it. Jessica thankfully went with her, I can't bear that sorta stuff. She reported back the dentist was less than truthful about how much it would hurt, which was alot. Poor Bailey! She kept it together during the procedure but afterwards cried in Jessica's arms. But ever since she's been having no pain and feeling much better. So don't feel too bad for her! The most heartwarming thing from the whole experience is when she was in Jessica's arms after getting it pulled, crying, and said, "Only a grown up or Netta can feel me better. That's the thing." 

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