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November 21, 2014

Art swimming with his entire class at the Y

It's been a weeklong fun thing for him, I stopped by on the last day.

November 18, 2014

naptime (more pix from my babysitting ma)

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pictures my mother sent while babysitting our kids

Not easy to go outside in Minnesota...

November 11, 2014

Corn-fed family

Arthur's extra help

Arthur has been getting some extra time with his great teacher Jaci after school twice a week. It's been so valuable for him. His class, like most public school classes, is way too big. He's gained confidence and gotten much more work done with the smaller amount of kids after school.

Preschool Monster

Ms. Jen has taught Arthur, Lewis and now Bailey and Netta in Willow preschool. They make some pretty fun creative stuff, including this telephone pole monster. AHHHH!

November 09, 2014

Netta's Ice Skates

The other day we were all in the backyard playing except for Netta. She was inside doing something, nobody really knew. And then out she walked with 'ice skates' strapped to her feet and a cape to her back. She carefully taped strips of foam stuff to her feet and waddled outside with a great deal of pride. They didn't last long but they were inspirational while they lasted. Behold, Netta's Ice Skates!

Lewis' legos

An hour will pass and we'll wonder, "Where's Lewis?" We nearly always find him queitly working away in his 'Lego room', the closet in his and Art's bedroom. Many of the Legos are the same Josh and I played with growing up. He builds dragons, cars, spaceships, all kinds of wonderful things. Jessica, being a generous mama, will go up and 'play Legos' with him, just sitting there working on something.

A wonderful story Arthur wrote about riding his bike for the first time.

I just love this. He wrote this for a thing at school.

Bailey's Moon

About a week ago Bailey pulled a glow-in-the-dark "moon" off the ceiling and put it in her hair. On her daily insentience it's been there ever since. Take a bath, put it back in. It's terrifically endearing and also a little weird. The other day she came up screaming from the basement -- Lewis had taken the moon out of her hair in a moment of frustration. "It's just trash, Papa!" pleaded Lewis. No, it's actually super important to Bailey. Lewis begrudgingly showed me where he hid the moon and I put it back into her hair as she wiped her tears away. We've all learned not to mess with or question Bailey's moon.

November 07, 2014


Arthur and his longtime friend archer are right now having their first ever sleepover. Here's a picture Jessica just sent me of them stuffed in Arthur's bed. Makes me real happy!

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