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July 10, 2017

July 05, 2017

A little video from our recent trip to the Cottage.

A bunch of photos from our recent visit to the Cottage.

A couple weeks at we had quick and lovely six day trip to Jessica's family cottage in Wisconsin. The kids are getting old enough to do their own thing which makes whole thing much more enjoyable. Lugging diapers, cribs, all that crap is a burden no parent deserves. But now they can play at the water on their own, pour their own bowl of cereal, wipe their own butts, the list goes on and on! So it was a real vacation! Here are a bunch of photos.

July 02, 2017

Two beautiful photos, two beautiful nights on Lake Hiawatha

I've been going fishing pretty regularly down at the lake near our house and got these two photos (I tracked won the kayakers to text them the photo...!)

She's baaaaack

June 30, 2017

Just look at all the wonderful things kids in Art's class had to say about him.

You're honest, so so so so so so funny! fast, really fast, fast and cool, you're very very very fast, quick on your feet, nice hair, and my favorite, "you're really honest and really nice and you know what's right." It's all true, Arthur James Garvin!


An odd, cool photo of Bailey.

Arthur and his really nice friend Riley.

Jessica giving Lewis and Josh a donut from the donut store on donut day.

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