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March 15, 2017

March 13, 2017

Something a turkey wrote (by Lewis)

This was for a project at school around Thanksgiving. 

March 08, 2017

The Yarnelle Lumber Company burned down today

And a post from July 2011:

We stopped by the lumber yard (actually, the Yarnelle Lumber Company) when we were in Wabash to visit my grandma. Uncle Ken (my mom's brother) and his wife Jill pretty much run the place by themselves (it's been in the family for generations). Wabash has big box stores and Home Depot now but the lumber company has survived, a triumph in itself in my view.

Bailey and Ken

Baily and Jill

Art got to ride the conveyor belt in the lumber yard, something I remember doing when I was Art's age. It's SO FUN!

Lewis and his similarly-built friend Josh playing a game with a nearby Netta.

Netta's tiny tooth-fairy letter before we put it under her pillow.

Netta's Lil' Flipper show

Netta has been taking a class at a nearby community center called Lil' Flippers. She's been loving it. Parents aren't actually allowed to watch them practice, so it was a big treat when we all got to come watch yesterday at the final show. When I got there a little late, this is the expression (our favorite one!) Netta made when she turned to see her Papa there taking photos with his big fancy camera.

Here are a bunch more photos of Netta to AMAZING TRICKS. Nice work, Noody.

Brother and sister in the audience.

March 06, 2017

Making stuff at Nanna's apartment

The girls painted and decorated their own dressers with the grandma's help.

and some game-playing.

March 05, 2017

March 04, 2017

Death of an ice rink.

This was the last day we were able to skate out back before it all melted. Next year, a bigger one!

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