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May 24, 2017

Some photos from Arthur's soccer game yesterday (they won 3-2!)

Papa had bad breath.

Lizzie sheds, enjoys delicious snack!

Photos from our St. Louis spring break vacation

root beer at Fitz's. 


Lewis, drunk.

The zoo was amazing. These elephants were REALLY amazing. So beautiful.


Netta generating power at the St. Louis Science Center

Netta battling Bailey in a MIND GAME


Bought upwards at a thrift store, a big hit.

We stayed real cheaply in a Air BandB. NICE!

sneaking a photo of Bailey and Netta eating off by themselves. 


easily on the highlights of the trip, an awesome BBQ dinner. 

The Air BandB we stayed in had a trampoline, it was so fun for the kids!

By the end of the stay, Art learned to do an entire flip. Nice work, Art!

Some photos from the spectacular City Museum

We returned from our spring break adventure a few weeks ago, here are some photos from the main reason we traveled to St. Louis--The City Museum! So fun. These mediocre photos don't do the place justice, but it's all we have!

Netta helps get the Sunday night ice cream ready. Thanks, Netta.


"Papa, can I please have a whole peanut butter sandwich?"

A 'hole' one! Get it!??!?

Stuff Bailey would do to make the world a better place

Give people love, take away their guns. Sounds good to me!

Hanging out at the bar shooting pool.

May 15, 2017

May 04, 2017

T-Ball Super Stars!

Yesterday Bailey and Netta had their first t-ball practice. And their cousin Charlotte is on the team, too! Fun! Here are some photos.

(photo by Nanna)

(photo by Nanna)

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