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May 31, 2011


We sailed Lake Minnetonka on a very windy Memorial Day with my brother captain Josh. It was extremely fun for the boys and a little stressful for their Papa. They had on life vests, though and it was safe enough. Josh's boat actually has an area you can call 'below deck', complete with three beds (one's actually a double), a little sink and bucket to relieve yourself. We only put up one of the two sails and still, at one point, we had to move to one side of the boat since it was leaning so far over.

Right after we left the dock both boys said with foolhardy certainty they wanted to jump in the water. As the loving and kind Papa I am I wouldn't allow this. Although we did dip them overboard waste high and they immediately became panicky and scampered up the ladder. The water was really really cold. Icy cold. But refreshing!

We stopped on an Island in the middle of the lake, played in the sand and then explored an old burned down house some abandoned structures. And saw two really big frogs.

Exploring the island.

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