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May 31, 2011

How to dress your twins.

Okay, so these girls are just so adorable and cute. I can barely stand it! But I must admit it took me until just the last couple months to come to terms with their mutual cuteness and how to dress them appropriately for it.

You see, I had this idea from the beginning that I should just give each girl her own style of clothes to help distinguish them to the rest of the world. I really did NOT want to do the matching outfits or in any way treat them as a unit. I somehow decided that Netta's name and face begged more muted, Hippie-dippy clothes and Bailey more saturated colors and more preppy stuff. Turns out I liked the muted, Hippie-dippy clothes best and so Netta always looked cuter to me. Then one day, after Ben tried to convince me of this imbalance I decided to dress them both in the floral-muted-dress-over-pants cuteness and see what happened. It was eye-opening. I had been cheating Bailey of cuteness all that time!

Ever since that day I have decided to dress them in a matching theme everyday so whatever cute outfit idea inspired me for one girl is somehow shared by the other, even though I actually don't have any doubles of anything (except for these lovely rompers my sister picked up. Thanks Em!) Some popular outfit themes have included knit shirt over flowery poplin pants, short-sleeved onsie with overalls, monochromatic from head to toe, and my favorite, dress over pants. The possibilities are endless! And both babies are equally cute every day. But of course they are!

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Dr Em said...

omg, they look sooooo cute! I want to buy them more coordinated outfits.

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