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May 31, 2011

A letter to a special person.

A couple weeks ago Art and I somehow got on the subject of either Reading Rainbow or something we saw LeVar Burton do or say and he said, "LeVar is a special person, right Momma?" Of course I agreed! "Oh, yes. He's very special to be on that T.V. show for so long and share all those adventures with us!" Art wished we could call LeVar and tell him how we felt. I suggested we could write him a letter. What a great opportunity to use an ancient form of communication before it becomes completely obsolete!

Anyway, I helped Art with basic form for a personal letter. Here is what he came up with:

Dear LeVar,

I watch you on T.V. and I even saw the one "Seashore Surprises".  I wanted to write you a letter because I like you.  I am Arthur and my other name is Arthur James and Art and Artie.  You can call me any name.

If you're ever in Minneapolis tell us where you are so can see you and come play with you.  

Your friend,
("Well, not his friend yet, but soon I will be!")

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