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November 05, 2010

Art wants to meet Mr. Rogers.

This morning after watching Mr. Rogers Art came into the kitchen and said with great certainty, "Papa, I want to meet Mr. Rogers." He went on to explain that he had asked Lewis if he wanted to meet him, too, and Lewis said yes. So they both would like to meet him. They were watching an episode where Mr. Rogers quietly comes into his house, greets his 'telivision neighbors' and takes off his sweater. Then he sit on the floor and starts building with blocks. He made a 'garage' for a little car. Art said that he'd like to build blocks with Mr. Rogers and learn how to make a garage, too.

I told Jessica about this and she immediately said she'd like to meet him, too. And so would I. That makes four of us. And I bet Bailey and Netta would, too. Six. I wish he were still alive and giving a talk at Macalester College about child development tomorrow morning and afterwards he sit down on the floor and start building blocks with kids. We would definitely go.

Cousin Cait came over this afternoon to help with the kids. On my way out she asked if we have any rules about TV she oughta know. Not really I said, especially now that it's so chaotic with the babies. Often a half hour of TV can do wonders to help center Art and Lewis from emotional chaos or rouse them from a sleepy nap. Or just give Jessica and I some time to do whatever. But really, in my view the kind of TV matters more than the amount. And Mr. Rogers and our kids can spend as much time as they like together.

If you haven't seen it, here's a wonderful clip or Fred Rogers speaking in support of funding for children's programming at a senate hearing in 1969, 7 years before I was born and nearly 50 before my kids were born. I wish I could shake his hand and say thanks.

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rocco said...

When I was Art's age I saw a Mr. Rogers episode one afternoon and the next mornng, he was on again! I was so excited! But wait a second, it was the exact same episode as the previous day. I was upset. My mom and dad had to explain to me the concept of a re-run the same way some parents have to explain there is no Easter Bunny. I was so upset that Mr. Rogers was just taping some show and not just talking to me on the spot. I have been a cynical jerk ever since. I am the only person made more bitter by Fred Rogers.

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