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November 05, 2010

How I have managed my rare solo hours with The Lot.

Right now I am typing with one hand while I hold a swaddled baby with
the other and have another baby in the sling. They are both quite
cointent and I am, too. The boys are nappiung and as soon as I feel
like these girks are ready to lay down (and I have finished my second
lunch) I will also nap. And so this is how I get by in my solo
parenting times, which I really have only had to do a few times and
for three or four hours at a time, tops. So far so good! Last night
I ate my dinner while holding two babies and today I nursed a baby
while I got snacks, turned on the t.v. for the boys and soothed a
distraught Lewis. I also lost my cool about candy with Art (I wish I
had pilfered more of it off in the beginning. I can't wait for the
pumpkin bucket to be empty, I'm so sick of watching them eat candy...)
and had three children crying at the top of their lungs at one point.
But mostly I was able to maintain my own sense of calm and prioritize
who needed what when.

Alright, one girl is now in the electric swing with some rainforest
sounds. I think she is DOWN!

I keep thinking it's a good thing these babies are not as big as Art
and Lewis were. I carried Netta all the way through a 40 minute
grocery trip this morning. I didn't have a sling and she was
shrieking when we got there. So I just carried her. Then I set her
down on a counter while I poured bulk baking powder into my container
spilled some on her head. She is nicely leavened now. I was at the
co-op and people were helping me out left and right - putting the lid
back on my container, helping me unload my cart, and someone even
stopped on her way into the store to help me get my bags into my car
and put my cart in the corral. And this is good samaritan help for
just one baby! Imagine the volunteerism I would have inspired if I'd
had BOTH with me!!!

Well, tonight bmy cousin Cait will be here to help and a neighbor
stopped by just 10 minutes after I was wondering what I would do for
dinner offering to bring us food - ham, stuffed, baked potatoes and
cheese/chive souffle (!). This is why I look mostly bright eyed and
happy when people see me. We've had a lot of great help!!!

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