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November 07, 2010

Perhaps the first time Pho was eaten at the Hub Burger King.

Tonight we really needed to get the boys out of the house and having some serious fun. We had family and friends over in the morning for brunch and Art was rightfully feeling neglected and lonesome. He asked several times to have a friend over and we just couldn't find any friend who was available. All were busy with grandmas or other obligations. Preschoolers! Anyway, for dinner we satisfied my need to get out of the house and to eat some Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup with an out-of-this-world broth) and the Art's desire to go the French Fry Climbing Place that we "usually" go to (Burger King playland over by Marshall's in the Hub strip mall). So I took the boys to the Vietnamese place we like and picked up Pho for the road, drove it to Burger King and whooped out three bowls from home to divi up the soup. I also got French fries and a fish sandwich for sharing.

They dove into their noodle soup and were single-minded about it, with a few sandwich bites, until all the noodles were gone. Then they started eating their cold fries and got to running around the climbing place. I think we were there for two hours. It felt like it. They had a great time. I did, too, just watching them. It was just what everyone needed.

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