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September 07, 2010

Art and Pops go to the fair.

Arthur and I went to the fair on Monday, its last day. I probably should've taken Lewis, too, and sorta feel bad about it. Sorry Lewis! There's great value in having some one on one time with a kid I think. For the parent and the kid. But Lewis knew he was missing something fun and cried as we left.

Art went the day the fair opened with our neighbors Cathy and Linda and was really excited about going on the rides again. And showing them to me. As soon as we got there he wanted to go on some really big roller coaster. I asked him lots if he was sure or if he'd be scared. Told him once we were on we couldn't get off. He said he was feeling brave and wanted to go. And he WAS brave.

Then, in a highly anticipated move, we stopped for a snow cone. Art just loves them. We sat at a table for a long time as he ate the entire thing in tiny bites. Even tipped back the wet paper cone and drank the syrupy water. "It's SO good, Papa."

And then we saw some horses and, luckily, a charro doing fancy tricks on his black stallion. That was actually pretty cool.

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