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September 07, 2010

Make a note of this...

Today I had a surge or productivity as a nester.  Now that I have officially passed the gestational period during which I was on bed rest with Lewis I have magically gained a lot more energy and confidence as a mobile, giant pregnant woman.  I washed my porch windows.  I made a decent dinner.  I organized a bit more upstairs...  Basically, I nested as much as my size would allow.  And I've been super hungry all day.

I only write this because Ben did ask, after I told him about the windows, if I was going to be having babies tomorrow.  I sure hope not.  As excited as I am to meet the two girls - and to NOT be pregnant anymore - I would like them to get bigger and stronger and more plump.  At this point they are still super skinny and maybe hairy, too.  And not ready to live outside the womb.  So, I'll drink a lot of water and keep my feet up the rest of the night.  Sorry, Ben, I am not cleaning the kitchen tonight.  But the trade off is a rested, still-giant pregnant wife.  (He understands.)

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