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September 07, 2010

Lewis and his focus.

Lewis is able to intensely focus on something for a long time. Today I took him to Choo Choo Bob's to let him fully immerse himself with trains. When he's focusing on something he often leaves his mouth ajar which I find sort of endearing. Anyway, sometimes if he's busy with something he forgets to pee (rather, he remembers to pee but not in the potty). So during our two hour stay I took him to the bathroom THREE times. Each time he'd take a couple trains and play with them.

I was unsure how I was going to get him home since every time I mentioned that we were leaving soon he'd quickly say 'no, Papa.' So when the moment came I had to pick him up and take him towards the car he started crying. And the poor fellow didn't stop till with got home. Sort of an on and off crying, whimpering and intensely devastated wailing. He wouldn't accept hugs or any consolation. He was just really sad we had to leave those trains and that was that. He fell asleep as soon as we arrived home.

But just as Lewis able to focus for so long on those trains, he's equally able to focus on feeling super sad about leaving them. For some reason it makes me really love Lewis knowing that he's feeling so deeply about stuff. I understand that, you know? His little world is so simple and clear. Leaving trains is a real bummer and I'm gonna cry about for a long time and not let anyone make me feel better. Because there is no better. I had to leave them and it's horrible. And it is!

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