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August 26, 2010

Don't worry about grammar.

Lewis and I have been spending the better part of today together while Art's been out with our neighbors, Kathy and Linda, and their kid friends.  They went to the state fair.  Lewis and I have shared snacks, ridden on the swingset, kicked a ball high, read some of his favorite books, took a nap in his bed, watched Little Bear (which Art doesn't like), made train tracks, marble toys, and ate a few snacks.  Today I heard him correct himself when he said "Me do it... I do it, Mama."  Just a reminder that children learn language naturally by listening to us speak well. It just evolves on its own and gets more complex... and correct.

Wait...Now he's about to whisper in my ear...  "Mama, I talk in your ear..."  I'm leaning over and waiting... comic timing... and then he just said, "See a Go-Go train!"  So we'll watch Thomas on youtube for a minute.

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