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August 26, 2010

just rereading old posts

I was actually searching for the post I wrote a couple years ago when Art said he wanted to be a Mama when he grew up.  Search doesn't work so well, I guess.  But this was a fun find.  Notice the date...


JULY 11, 2008

Stalling bedtime.. but it was all good.

About a half hour after I put Art to bed he called out and said, "I want to talk to Mama about my day!" He did go down to bed a little early, so I figured, "Ok!" I think I got a taste of what was going through his head for the past 30 minutes. He dashed from topic to topic, from things that happened today, yesterday, and even weeks ago. It was quite wonderful.

Art: We went with Maura to the restaurant. We runned.
Me: Yes. We had fun with her.
Art: You [He meant "I"] pushed Maura and she didn't like that.
Me: No, she didn't. But you stopped pushing her.
Art: We took the city bus. [Long pause] We saw sticks in the water. [That was yesterday] 
Me: Yes. And you threw sticks in the water!
Art: We saw sticks in the water and we threw them. [Long pause] Is it dark outside?
Me: Yes.
Art: Wanna see that dark?
Me: Ok.
[Gets out of bed and goes to his window]
Art: It's dark outside. Birds are getting ready for bed.
Me: Yes, they are.
Art: Birds are getting ready for bed. They're getting their covers on. [Pause] They're getting a gackoo.
Me: [Trying not to laugh] Maybe.
Art: Dogs are getting ready for bed. [Pause] Where do dogs sleep?
Me: Sometimes on the floor. Sometimes they have a special bed.
Art: Dogs sleep in a special, small bed. Sometimes they sleep in the trees.
Me: In the trees? Can dogs sleep in the trees?
Art: [Pause to think about it] No. They would fall down. Only... only birds can sleep in the trees. They won't fall down.

There was lots more. We talked about boo boos he got recentl and the really bad boo boo I got while I was still pregnant - almost four months ago! "Mama got a really big boo boo." I reminded him that Lewis was still in my belly when I got that boo boo. Art looked at me and said, "Lewis was in Mama's belly. Then he came out! Lewis is gonna grow bigger and then you can throw a ball to Lewis...and he will throw it back to you! Yah! Lewis likes a ball."


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