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August 26, 2010

Crisis averted.

Well, it was again around 8:30pm that I finished bedtime for the boys.  I've been trying to get them down earlier, but summer is hard!  There are so many things to do in the evening, the light and breezes are so inviting and we just end up late everynight. Tonight I was on it.  Baths at 7pm, teeth by 7:30 and books picked out, pajamas on at 7:35.  But where was Art's gackoo?*  He had missed his nap after his big trip to the State Fair today with our neighbors and a couple of big kids.  He had lots of fun, but was exhausted.  He wanted to take a nap at 5pm but I endured a huge meltdown because I wouldn't let him have two gackoos before he was making a new marble toy, one gackoo in mouth.  I let that go, even though the gackoo is supposed to stay in the bed, just because I was able to avoid him napping so late.  We were going to have early bedtime tonight!  Or so I thought.  

I swear, I could have cried.  It's a terrible feeling to be on the way to end of your "workday" and have something come up at the very last minute that keeps you working.  Seriously!  I could barely stand it.  There we were, the three of us, looking all over the house for 25 minutes.  25 minutes that I could have been reading, singing and saying goodnight.  Luckily there were no meltdowns.  The kids were thrilled to be up later and wrestle or climb under furniture "looking" for the gackoo.  I called Ben.  Ben called my mom, who always has one in her purse, and she drove over with it.  What a blessing!  Thank you so much, mom!  I don't know if you realize how valuable that was for a tired preggo and an even more tired Art.  Yes, he should be totally off pacifiers but he's not and this was not the way to get there.  And not the time.  And mom, I know it's a no fun to be comfortable in your house and have to race over to your daughter's house to drop off a tiny, plastic thing.  But I can't thank you enough for doing it.  Both boys were so happy and content while I sang Elazmasaurus and Velociraptor lullabies, the snuggled deep into their covers and I bet they were out before I shut the door.

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becko said...

Jess, I just read your post and not 30 minutes prior, I had read in my Chicago Parent magazine that one of our pediatric dentists is having a pacifier challenge. Basically kids can come and drop their pacifiers off and get something special from the pacifier fairy in return. Not sure exactly what it is, but if it works, who cares?! Maybe Art will want to give them to his sisters. Good luck with that! But I'm glad you avoided a crisis tonight!

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