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February 12, 2010

Fun post from a few years ago.

I was just checking out some past postage and here's something fun from jess:


June 28, 2006
Rakin' in the Loot

Yesterday Art and I were riding the bus when the man next to us asked, "Does he like bananas?" I said, "Yes! They're his favorite!" and the man reached into his box of groceries and gave Art a banana! Later on in the ride a woman was talking to Art and said, "I have to have something in here for a baby..." and rummaged in her purse until she pulled out a lollipop. Man! But that wasn't the first time Art has been showered with gifts from strangers. Once we were in Walgreens when Art was only a couple months old and a guy gave him a dollar! I said, "I'll put it in his college fund!" and the guy reached back in his wallet, "Well, if he's going to be educated, here's another!"

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