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February 15, 2010

Adria's surprise prayer vigil.

Well, last night we pulled off our surprise prayer vigil for Adria (Jess's mother). She was diagnosed with lung cancer a couple months ago and is doing well. She's only in her mid 60's and has no major symptoms so her diagnosis isn't entirely grim. That said, she has many times rolled her eyes at the idea that people would be praying for her. It's just not her thing. So last night we had a surprise prayer vigil to rub salt in the wound! Hooray! I cooked a super big batch of greasy and tasty chicken wings (one of her favorites), and a whole slew of Adria-lovers joined us. Jess will write a post later better detailing how fun last night was with lots more photos. But for now, here's a lovely photo of the wonderful Adria Susan Parker at her surprise prayer vigil.

1 comment:

Dr Em said...

my favorite part was when mom said, "this is.... horrible."

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