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February 15, 2010

Throwing a party for Bubbe.

Last night's "prayer vigil" for Bubbe, my mom and super grandma to the boys, was a blast. I must admit, I held a truly nervous part inside about outing her cancer to her friends but I'm glad we did it. She had a blast and seemed to enjoy ragging Ben about setting the whole thing up.

And set it up he did! He masterminded the whole thing, even stealing her address book from her purse so he could call her buddies. He enlisted my uncle Bob to get him into Restaurant Depot so he could buy 40 lbs of chicken wings for the party (even when Mom claimed she was too nauseous to eat she devoured some take-out wings Ben brought over one night) and then spent the better part of two afternoons prepping and BBQing (!) for the party. It was great!

Mom, I hope you got a good dose of love last night. Well, I'm sure you did, but I hope it strengthens your resolve to do everything you can to keep your cancer in check. Because we all love you dearly and want you here for as long as possible. Honestly. We have a lot of chickens wings left...

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