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January 07, 2010

Speaking in Lewease

It is fun to know a little kid's dialect.  Art is almost done correcting his little misspeaks.  No more oat-uh-meal, no more bass to wash his hair.  He still says, "Go the fast that I'm going!" but that will disappear soon, too.  But now we have Lewis's language to delight in!  Here are some of his fun verbal interpretations of his world:

Heh-woh  It's not just a greeting!  It's a phone!  That's what he calls a phone.
Gree  Yes, Lewis is a genius.  He can already count!  But there are only ever gree of them.  "Gree, gree, GREE!"
Hoo-hoo!  Dinosaur Train, the crack-cocaine t.v. show of Art and Lewis's generation.  Dinosaurs that ride an effin' train.  
Wee-wee  Said in a regular voice, it means frog.  Said in a guttural growl, it is the sound a frog makes.

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