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January 06, 2010

A rare opportunity to see inside the mind of a four-year-old!

Last night Art called me upstairs after he'd been asleep for a good hour or more.  He'd had a bad dream, he said, and I asked him if he wanted to talk about it.  He told me all about it!  Then I came downstairs and told Ben, who typed it out since he was sitting at the computer anyway.  This is the dream, as transcribed only minutes after it's first telling:

In his dream he had a blanket on his head and a bag of water and a frog that he wanted to be his friend. He wanted the frog to be his friend.  And he looked at the bag of water and there was something really cool in the water.  There were flowers coming out. And then he smiled.  I repeated back what he had told me and he added that the frog DID want to be his friend. When I mentioned the flowers coming out of the bag he clarified that the flowers were coral, like in the ocean. He said that in the ocean coral is really big but this was really small.

I asked him why he was scared and he said that the flowers came out really fast.  Then he smiled and laid back down in bed.

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