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January 09, 2010

Babysitter report from cousin, Cait

The other night my sister and I went to Orchestra Hall to see the Wizard of Oz with the Minnesota Orchestra playing the music.  Pretty cool.  Meanwhile, our cousin, Cait, watched the kids.  Art was particularily excited about Cait coming over.  He asked over and over and over again, "When is Cait going to get here?  Why is it taking her a long time?"  We had pizza, the boys spazzed out on the couch for a while and then Em and I left for our concert.  Here's Cait's report:

Hey Jess and Ben- 
Everything went super smooth, those boys are such a treat! After Dinosaur Train I said "it's time to get ready for bed for Lewis" and both boys went up the stairs to their rooms. While I helped Lewis Art stayed in his room quietly (but also helped me find things and answered a lot of questions for me. When I took Lewis' diaper off I asked him if he would like to pee in the potty and he said "uh-huh" and went and peed in the potty! Then he ran around naked for a second and Art scared him (in a fun way) and then I read him 3 books and put him in his bed and he went right to sleep - no fuss! After Art brushed his teeth we read some books in his bed. Snakes was first and he told me all about his favorites and we talked about how some snakes eat eggs and how they crush the shells in their throat. Next was a story about Wednesdays. When we got to the part about waking up the dad Art laughed and said that it was really hard to wake up Papa sometimes, and sometimes he likes to surprise Papa with a very gentle face pat to wake him up. When the story was over I tucked him in and he said goodnight and that was that! Then I discovered how awesome Tivo is. I got to watch The Office from the beginning even though it was almost at the end! 

It was way fun and I'd be happy to do it again if you guys need to do things like go out on dates or whatever. Let's have cousin time soon!

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Nance said...

She's a pro, you know. But of course it helps that your kids are awesome.

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