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November 18, 2009

Jessica message, transcribed by a computer.

I use google voice now for messages on my cell phone and it transcribes and e-mails me messages. It's super cool although often entirely inaccurate. For instance, below is a message Jessica just left. Do you have any idea what it's about? Below you can play the real thing.

"Hey Ben, This is what I want to see if I had one of those mobile phone. Both on the say the what I was really today and whatever and note to self do not bring granola bars and a snack for the tickets after you vacuum the car picnic, so that was what I have. That was my slightly. Woody thing i was gonna say and just Do You Wanna Balloon."


Anonymous said...

there's no sound! Now I'm really curious, this is killing me!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your photos. I could look at them all day ! You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

I had sound......quite the message ! ha !

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