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November 18, 2009

Let's hold hands, Evva! Let's hold hands!

I took Art, Lewis and Art's friend Evva to a park yesterday after school.  Evva and Art have known each other since ECFE (baby class) when they were just over one year old.  They are friends.

It was nice because Lewis and I could hang out while Evva and Art busied themselves.  At one point they just dashed out to the huge field adjoining the park and chased some Canadian Geese around.  I was nervous that the geese might get aggressive and then I realized that they would hiss and beat their wings before they would bite (the geese, that is) which would undoubtedly scare at least Art away.  Probably Evva, too.

We had snacktime at a picnic table.  I brought raisins, crackers, apples, clementines, granola bars and water. Before I got the camera out for this picture Art was hugging Lewis and giving him a kiss.

This is another hug.  Ben said over and over as he got this picture ready for the blog, "This picture is so weird!  What are they doing?"  It's hard to navigate a hug when you're barely four years old.

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