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November 19, 2009

Quiet moments. [updated, video works now]

Ben and I saw a movie recently that ended with a mother gazing at her son while he ate his dinner.  Sometimes I just like to gaze at one or both of the boys while they are deeply involved in something.  Or not.  Tonight Art, Lewis and I went to Ben's book signing event at the Pioneer Press building.  We called it Papa's Party and on the way back I put Art's car seat in the front (I was driving Bubbe's old Tracker, made before child-killing passenger side airbags).  While I was driving through the night and streetlights I wanted to gaze at Art just sitting there next to me.  At a stoplight I started the video camera (resting on the parking break, not in my hands!) and now I have that moment captured.


à la bob said...

Jess, the video is private, and won't play!

Ashley said...

i LOVE that you did this!

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