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October 25, 2009

Oh, I'm so desperate!

As I've said before, I am just salivating in anticipation of seeing Art make some representational art. I just so desperately want to see how he translates what he sees in the world to paper or clay or whatever! But alas, Art is not into realism. He does, however, love to manipulate his materials! Any project I've ever done with him that had scissors nearby eventually disintegrated into cutting for cutting's sake. Making lots of pieces for some unknown purpose. Or going and gluing and gluing, probably just because he likes to squeeze the bottle. But he did make a beautiful abstract crayon "piece" at school last month (picture coming) and he did a project at school where he cut up fall-colored tissue papers and dropped the pieces, like leaves, onto a precut tree-shaped paper. That was a nice collage. We sent it to his great-grandma.

So I thought, maybe I could get him to draw a face if I gave him paper in the shape of a head! These are the results.

He actually made the pom-pom one on the right first. I gave him googley eyes to use but he preferred the pom-poms. That's two eyes and a mouth up there. You might think the red dot in the middle of the pink one's 'head' is a mouth, but I think it might be a nose. I can't remember now. What I do remember well is that he made the two dots for the eyes first. Then I asked if his person would need a mouth. He drew a big circle around the two dots. I asked him if my eyes were inside my mouth like that. He said, "No, but his eyes are. That's just the way he is!"

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