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October 26, 2009

A nature walk.

Today we took the kids to the bird sanctuary at Lake Harriet, about a 15 minute bike ride from our house. Jess and I are gonna try and make Monday's nature day (zoo's, nature walks, etc). Nice for the kids to know what to expect, and also for us to know what the hell to do with them. Here are some lovely photos from our time there.

Jessica, as usual, was taken with the mushrooms. It's actually a real treat to be around her and absorb the excitement and fascination she has for them. And for nature in general. Things that I take for granted are fascinating and wonderful to her. I love that.

just after we arrived we stopped to watch the street sweeper show.


Rudy Swanson said...

The street sweeper show. Haha! I don’t know, but just like some children, I am fascinated with street sweeper trucks. When I was young, I really enjoy looking at them as they move down our street. And, even until now, I can’t help but smile every time I see one. I enjoy it even more this time because street sweeper trucks have designs and features that are better than before.

German Zollinger said...

Look at the third picture. You could see that your boys were really amazed by the street sweeper. They were so focused on watching how the truck works. The scene may look ordinary to others, but for kids like them, it’s pretty amazing. Seeing the vacuum and the broom thriving is already an amusing point for them.

German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equipment

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