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October 24, 2009

A visit to see the sharks.

Art tells Mama about our visit (he also threw in a nice 'pumpkin butt'):

Last night Arthur said he wanted to go to the aquarium where you move by yourself (the mall's overpriced underground thing where there's a moving walkway) and see the sharks, and he wanted me to stay there the whole time. So today we went. Sharks have been on the forefront of his little mind ever since we saw the massive and amazing great white shark attack seals in 40-times slow motion on the nature show. It really is incredible footage. In fact, I just found it on YouTube! Watch the whole clip, but the most incredible part is when the thing soars out of the water with seal in mouth at time 2:10:


Ashley said...

oh dear god that was cute!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

so cute, watched this (not the shark) about 10xs! and nice editing too Ben - you are also very cute. xxM

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