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September 10, 2012

Funny photography story.

Here's a funny photography story from the Vikings game yesterday. There was four seconds left in regulation and the Vikings were three points behind. They kicked a super long field goal and the crowd and team went wild. It's the sort of moment we photographers rush the field after the game winning last second play to get close up photos. Except in this case it was just a game TYING play. Luckily I
 realized this, as did every other photographer--except one. Andy King, who was shooting for Getty (and who said it was fine for me to post about this), raced onto the field to get wonderful close-up photos of the star kicker and the coach. He was moving with great speed and agility, weaving between celebrating players to get the best shot. I watched him in amazement, thinking "does he work for the team now?" I soon realized what was going on and couldn't help laughing. Slowly, after a minute of getting what were likely some of the best photos of the day, he started to look around and realized he was the ONLY photographer on the field. I finally made eye contact with him from the sideline and gestured to him. He walked off an immediately buckled over in laughter. It was the sort of moment every photographer has, and yesterday was his turn. 

Here's a shot he took of me laughing moments after it happened (with Strib photographer Jeff Wheeler in the background).

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