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September 07, 2012

Best date night ever.

Well, that not may true, since we've actually had a BUTTLOAD of dates over the past many years. But this was up there. I first had to talk a reluctant Jessica into going to the State Fair. She poopooed it for a few days, it's so big and overwhelming, yada yada. So the way I got around that is I didn't as if she "wanted" to go to the state fair, I asked if she "would" go there with me. That got a reluctant yes. And she had more fun than I did! Before we went to the fair we stopped for a wonderful Ethiopian dinner, then headed to the fair.

Since I didn't work out at the fair much this year it was especially fun to be there and wander around with a beautiful and intelligent woman. She's both. It's just crazy.

Here we are with our treats sitting among the Christmas trees. I had a beer sampler, she had key lime pie on stick.

We saw crop art, big ass pumpkins, creative activities stuff like pickles and poundcake, rode the skyway thing, saw some wonderful chickens and thought of Bubbe, listened to a little bit of the unimpressive New Standards and, on our way out, lucked out and saw Hookers and Blow, a pretty spectacular cover band. Super tight, musical, fun, loud, talented. That was a good time. As Jessica mentioned, a good cover band can be great fun since pretty much every song they play is really good.

Anyway, that was the sum of it. And all that fun was made possible by my visiting mother who watched the kids. Thanks, Ma!

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