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July 29, 2012


Here is a post from the Momma around here.  And it's about time I started hearing my moniker from the girls.  Or should I call that a MOMiker?!?  It took 21 months for them to name me.  They've been saying Art for months, Papa for almost as long and have a whole battery of words.  Netta is even imitating two and three word phrases, for God's sake!  ("I like it", "baby toy", "car ride", "Bailey, WALK!")  But finally I am being greeted and called for by name.  Just this morning Netta woke up cheerfully calling out, "Momma?  Momma!"

Bailey does not have as many words and phrases as her sister, but many of the words she has are complete and very clear, like dog and book.  She has had fluid in her ears on several occasions which may be delaying her sound acquisition.  A little doctor visit may clear that up.  In the mean time she says a lot of things clearly and a lot of things blurry and also just  continues her general observant nature.  Netta has always been a little more of a blabbermouth.

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Dr Em said...

When Charlotte says momma she often just means "nearest caregiver"

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