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July 29, 2012

Something extraordinary happened today.

     Pacifiers are a drug.  They transform a speedy body into an instantly lethargic one and are a constant magnet for Lewis. When he's tired or cranky or overwhelmed he'll head to his room and take a hit. Ever since he was born he's used a pacifier (lovingly called a gackoo in our home). But he decided a couple days ago that he was going to give his gackoos to Oscar (Jessica's cousin Cait's one-year-old little boy). So today he brought them to Oscar's birthday party and actually gave them away.
     He got ready for bed tonight as usual, not mentioning the scary thing about to happen--sleeping without a gackoo for the first time ever. Even though he didn't mention it we knew it was on his mind. Jessica had already prepared him and told him she'd help if he had trouble.  So, as promised, she got in bed with him after he couldn't sleep. 
     "Mama?" he said eventually, tearing up a little as she snuggled next to him, "I wish I didn't give my gackoos to Oscar." And then he said something about wanting to be Arthur, wishing he was big like Arthur. "Yeah, he's bigger and can already do a lot of things you can't do yet," said Jessica. " sleep without a gackoo." "Yeah," said Lewis super sadly. 
     And then Jessica read him a Spiderman book and laid with him in his bed for a long time. He drifted off to sleep 2-hours past bedtime. I just came back from chatting with Jessica as she lay next to the amazing boy. We are so proud of him. Not only to give up his addiction, but to do it on his own and as a gift to Oscar. And to follow through. He's inspires me and makes me so proud!

NOTE FROM JESS:  My sister remembers that Art gave his cousin, Charlotte, his gackoo about a year ago and that he was bribed with the prize of a fancy talking dinosaur for giving it up.  True!  TRUE!  And let there be full disclosure that Lewis gave up his gackoo knowing full well there was a prize at the end of his struggle.  After he makes it through the week he will get a remote control car.


Dr Em said...

Arthur gave Charlotte his Gackoo. But I think you had to bribe him say goodbye to gackoos

caitlin said...

Oscar is very thankful and honored to have Lewis' gackoos. Last night in a fit of sleepless teething pain he chewed on one for a long time as we watched gymnastics. Thanks Lewis!

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