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April 26, 2012

Church group photo.

This photo was taken during the Easter service earlier this month at our new church. It has been a real gift spending Sunday mornings with such an eclectic and generous group of people. I never ever thought I'd trumpet the value of church. Didn't grow up going and actually had (and still have) a certain amount of contempt for church goers. At least righteous ones. But what I realize is having that weekly time to step back, be with people you care about and remember what is of real value, it's a good thing and makes me and our whole family happy. Walker is in the heart of Minneapolis' Powderhorn neighborhood and full of super liberal radical left wingers. RADICAL LEFT WINGERS!

Btw, if you're reading this blog and thinking you might like to check out Walker, do! We went 'church shopping' a few different places until we found a good fit (Walker's more spiritual than Christian). If you want to 'shop' at Walker let us know, you can be our guests!

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