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April 26, 2012


Jessica has an incredible ability to endure, even encourage children to get dirty. It's sometimes hard to watch as the kids get filthy, playing and sitting in wet mud and flipping chunks into hair, etc. But Jessica sees this as a wonderful learning opportunity, to learn about texture and gravity and whatever else. And she's right. So I endure.

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Dr Em said...

in the same spirit, today I made Charlotte an indoor water "table." I was doing dishes and she had scooted off and I found her playing in the toilet. Ew. So, I put a bowl of water in a big tray with a bunch of different tools for stirring and scooping. I had envisioned the tray catching all the spills from the bowl, but she was more interested in just pouring water directly onto the floor. She thought it was awesome. So I endured.

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