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March 02, 2012

Netta's nose.

Jessica is at Children's hospital with Netta. earlier tonight she climbed and fell from a chair in the dining room, apparently causing a pretty deep gash on her nose. My brother Josh came over to save the day and do bedtime as Jess went to urgent care (I was at work). Urgent care then sent Jessica to children's hospital, saying that it would take more of a specialist since it was in the cartilage and noses are tricky. Soooo, Jessica is calling me with updates as she and Netta play with playdough in the waiting room. They're taking an xray to be extra careful. Apparently Netta, who's up way past her bedtime, is in good spirits and not miserable. I'm so glad she's with Jessica, I can't really handle seeing my kids in pain or getting shots or what not. Jessica is a level headed rock and I love her for that, especially at times like this. I worry that Netta may have some permanent scar or something. Josh, who saw her, says that the cut was actually sorta small and that he thinks it'll heal up just fine. And if nothing else, a little scar would be a nice way for me to tell them apart, something I've been struggling with lots lately! 
So that's the update. We will of course update more later.

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