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March 02, 2012

Babies/Toddler Updates.

They have a small sign language vocabulary that includes milk, water, eat and more.  Netta has a few syllables she is saying for certain things but most start with 'B' - Buh (book), Bah (ball), and Bye Bye, which she just really mastered last night while running in naked circles with Bailey upstairs and ducking around the corner while waving and saying bye bye over and over again.  Bailey has a shoe-like sound that she uses for shoes and says "sah" for sock.  I think it's interesting that they each have different words.  Bailey also has been doing a tight-lipped face when asked what sound a giraffe makes.  It's our in-house joke since giraffes don't make a sound.

The last few times I've brought them inside and set them on their feet in the kitchen they have each reached for their zippers on their jackets to take them off.  If you say, "Let's go in the basement!" the girls both make a beeline for the basement door.  They love it down there.  (Watch out, Uncle Mike!  You'll have requests in stereo someday soon.)  They are still nursing and it is their preferred method of saying "Hello, Momma!".  It is not my preferred method.  Netta is especially adamant about nursing at our reunions, which she expresses with lots of squawking. 

It's a lot of fun around here, however I am completely exhausted and still keeping terrible house.  Someone said, "I don't know how you do it."  I wouldn't say I deserve a medal or anything.  I'm not doing anything magical by taking care of four young kids.  I'm just deciding not to do a whole lot of other things to keep level-headed.

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