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February 15, 2012

Spiderman costumes have arrived!

Enter our house in the past few days and you'd see two masked spidermans whizzing around non stop doing all sorta of cool tricks! Swinging on stuff, running super fast, just generally being super cool. The wait for them costumes to get here in the mail was excruciating at times for Arthur, be he endured. Here he is opening his costume:

Getting suited up. It's too bad we can't see Art's crazy big smile.
He immediately started running around the house to demonstrate house fast he could now move.

"Look how high I can jump!!!"

Eventually Lewis woke up from his nap and joined Arthur in the Spiderman costume celebration. Here Lewis (left) and Arthur raise their fists and admire their new look.

This is a little, "holy-shit-we-actually-look-like-Spiderman!" dance.

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