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February 15, 2012

Jessica's preschool success story.

Kids play with the homeade light table.

Jessica teaches preschool twice a week at MacRae Park not far from our house. I'm proud and impressed that she does this on many levels. She started it not long after her mother died and nearly cancelled the preschool entirely (with support from me). But she didn't, she tried to do it through her grief and emotional ups and downs. She started the preschool and from all accounts from her, it was a disaster. For two main reasons. She had to hold the preschool in a gym, meaning she had to completely set up and dismantle everything (she wasn't allowed to hold class in the beautiful empty classroom nearby). So the space wasn't quiet or conducive to peaceful exploration. And the other reason is she had some behavior challenges that took most of her energy during class. A bummer for everyone. She was often overwhelmed and in tears about the situation.

She nearly quit. But again, didn't. Instead, she reached out for support from a special education specialist and did her best. Then the second session started with less kids and on top of that Jessica was able to hold preschool in the beautiful classroom, complete with sink, fridge, nearby kitchen, great big windows, etc. She's spend hours scouring the web and the library for advice and ideas and inspiration for her preschool and the result is a wonderful little space for children to connect and feel safe to learn and explore. She comes home now happy and excited and spends time planning and practicing songs or new activities with me and the boys. She's inspired and inspiring. I'm so proud of her!

Here's a blog she started:

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