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November 18, 2011


Remember that night I wrote about a few weeks ago, when I took the kids to IKEA, waited with them in line for dinner and then had no wallet to pay for it?  That was so tragic.  It was TERRIBLE!  Well, I made up for it tonight and totally redeemed myself!

Fed everyone an early dinner so we were out the door by 5:05pm and headed for the Big Blue Box that is IKEA.   When we got there I dropped the boys off at the kids' play area and strolled the girls over to return a dish drainer (Hey!  I need that $4.99 back!).  While we waited for our number to be called I played Pull the Babies By Their Pants over and over, each baby trying to crawl away from me and then me pulling them right back along the smooth, shiny floor.  Then we went upstairs, grabbed the cabinet locks we came for and back down to pay.

After I paid for our $12 of items (I also grabbed some frozen meatballs!) I went directly to the cafe area and bought three $1 ice cream cones.  Wheeled over to the kids' area where I found the boys jumping in the ball pit, all staticky and super happy.  They threw balls at me through the window for a couple minutes before realizing I was holding ice cream cones when they naturally raced to the door to meet me and go home.  I was so pleased with my success I was smiling the whole walk out to the car.  If only it could have ended perfectly.  I was twenty minutes past the girls bedtime schedule and they were ready to nurse and sleep, so they cried in the car.  But overall I think I redeemed myself for my previous disaster.  At least for the boys...

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