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November 18, 2011

Jim Parker award.

I don't really know what my dad exactly did as a Community Health Director for the Minnesota Dept. of Health.  My sister definitely knows because she is smarter than me about that kind of stuff and because she now works in public health.  A different kind of work, but she's in the field.  Anyway!  My dad was so good at what he did and so good at bringing people and ideas together that "they" named a leadership award after him.  I know there is a national award, too, because I have attended presentations of the Jim Parker Leadership Award in San Francisco and in New York!  Anyway AGAIN!  Here I am with my sister on my right and my step-mom on my left standing with this year's Jim Parker Leadership Award recipient and the Commissioner of public health in Minnesota.  It was the 20th anniversary.  Oh my God.  I probably just messed up all those titles just now, but here we all are just the same.  I am very proud to be my dad's daughter.


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