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November 16, 2011

Nora's night.

Jen and Nora.
Last Sunday all six of us schlepped down to Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis to celebrate the short (and eventually long) life of Nora Boss. She's the 2-year-old daughter of our friends Jen and Andy Boss (that's Jen, the Ms. Jen of Willow, our kids' longtime preschool). Nora has Wilms disease, a rare childhood cancer which affects the kidneys (there's a 90% survival rate). She's had multiple surgeries (another was today in fact). Jen posted this on Facebook earlier:

"Dr. David Vandersteen is amazing. He got those tumors out. Reconstructed the right kidney and saved 50% of the kidney. Nora was awake for a little bit and is now enjoying her epidural cocktail...sleeping and comfortable. Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts."

Jen and Andy's neighbor put together the big fundraiser for them at Hells Kitchen (I'm sorry I didn't post about it before it happened). Andy also made a entirely moving plea for help on YouTube and posted it on a little blog they've made to update folks about Nora. If you'd like to write Andy or Jen a note of support, even if you don't know them, I'm sure they'd appreciate it (they're contact is linked from the Fox9 story below). They're also gathering donations to help defray the cost of health care. They have insurance for Nora, but not after a shameful $30,000 deductible. I think it's horrible we live in a country that would require someone to spend $30,000 of their own money to help their child who has cancer. That's the last thing they need to think about. We oughta all be paying real high taxes and have completely free health care.

Anyway, the Boss's were profiled on Fox9 before and after the benefit if you want to hear and read more about their story (or learn how to make a donation). It's an privilege to know and be a part of the Boss's lives. Jess and I many times have talked about how lucky we are that our kids have been able to grow up in Jen's basement under her wings. As Jess wrote in a comment on Facebook about the big fundraiser, "That night was a result of a life lived from a place of generosity and peace. That's how I see you, Jen. You live your life with generosity, peace and openness and it makes people crowd for a chance to give and help out."

Bridget with Nora.

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