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November 16, 2011

Arthur and Si, downtown.

Jessica and I drove separately to Hell's Kitchen for Nora's fundraiser, allowing me to stay late with Art (and Si). We ran through some skyways, played a little "I'll beat your baby butt!" and went up and down escalators umpteen times. It's always fun to see them together.

Hmmm, what to play, what to play.

Running through the skyways.
In this photo Arthur is telling Si about the woman he saw sitting on top of a bridge in St. Paul. "She was going to jump off, Si! For real!" Earlier in the day Art and I were in St. Paul when I had to make a couple calls and help a photographer cover a suicidal woman on the Robert Street bridge. She came down safely. I had deliver a long lens to the photographer  and Art, with his laser eyes, briefly saw a little figure way atop the bridge. 
In the IDS center's Crystal Court.

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