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October 23, 2011

Now THAT is a good school!

After just three weeks of Kindergarden Art spontaneously asked for paper so he could "do letters". We were in the car at the cottage at the time - on VACATION, but he had been bitten by the writing bug and so he sounded out and wrote the following:

What!? This is a boy who wouldn't even hold a pencil because it was too hard, let alone try to write HELICOPTER DRIVER! And then he added his brother's future job, BACKHOE MAN just to raise the stakes.

I am reminded once again not to push my kids to learn things until they are ready because when they are truly ready they will push themselves.

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Jen said...

Once they get the writing bug, it's all they want to do. I swear I spend all day long spelling things out loud for No. 2. It was the same when No. 1 started writing.

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