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October 22, 2011

More photos from my volunteer day at Art's school.

Smile. It was picture day. This is Art's weird smile. I dig it. Although I actually wish though they wouldn't ask kids to smile, but rather just sit there and be themselves. Smile or not, whatever. that would be more fun. And accurate historically. As it is the photos will represent a bunch of kids trying to please a strange photographer by smiling, even though they can't really do that on command. Maybe if you say, "You have stinky green boogers on your butt!! AHHH AH HA HA!" But not by asking a kid to smile. That's not funny or smile-worthy.

They had the opportunity to tweak their hair. Art loved his so much he didn't make any adjustments.

Here's Art running around the gym as his entire class watches. Each kid, on their first day of gym, learned some rules and then ran around the gym. Everyone clapped when they arrived back where they started.

A weird jumping game.

reading something.

I like this photo. During free time Art chose to play with these little plastic peg things and just sat all by his lonesome. I sorta felt proud of him sitting all alone. I takes a certain confidence I think.

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