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September 19, 2011

Sharing sisters.

Today was Art's scheduled day to share something in kindergarten. And lucky for us, he chose Netta and Bailey. Jessica and I were of course rooting for this, and had mentioned it in passing as something he could share. "Well, think about what you'd like to share. It could be a story, something you made, the babies, whatever you want." So, we did put the idea in his mind, but he's the one who woke up and decided with confidence what he'd like to share.

He took a number of 'questions.' Including, " forgot." And another, "They're cute." then Arthur answering the question, "I know." Someone also asked who was oldest, and Art said Bailey. WRONG! And then, as you can see in the video below, someone asked what do they like to play with. "People," he said.

I think it's fun to see what the other kids' names are.

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jenboss said...

There's a Willem!!! Whoa.

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