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September 19, 2011

Projects from Kindergarten. Art Projects!

Here is a lovely piece from Art's first weeks in Kindergarten.  I really like the art teacher there.  I happen to know that the grid was one day's project as an exploration of pencil and dark/light lines and that the next week they used paint, apparently revisiting the paper they started with the previous week.
I'm not sure what this project was about but Art kept saying, "And see how I filled this in?"

Here's his name! 

And his self portrait hanging on the wall at school. Can you tell which is his?

Art was very proud to have written the word "Stop" on this bus, which he cut out himself (following the lines drawn by the teacher).  He also drew all the kids in the back of the bus, sitting vertically of course, and the bus driver in the front.  "See, it says STOP.  S - T - O - P."

This is Lewis' wet on wet watercolor painting. He called it 'Big' because he had filled in all the white space. The paint was big even though the paper was not.

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