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August 19, 2011

Summer camp.

This week's theme at camp was 'food'. They made butter, fancy rice salad and, as seen here, pizza.
Art and Lewis have gone to a few 'summer camps' at their preschool over the summer. This week was the last one, and afterwards a few families went for ice cream. I realized that, sadly, it was the last time Art will be in a class with this good friend Si. They're off to kindergarten at different schools. It's a lamentable situation for sure, but of course they'll move on, make new friends, blah dee blah blah. And still get together outside of school. It was also likely the last day Arthur and Lewis will both be in the same 'class'. I realize this is the kind of thing only a parent thinks about, but it's still important god damnit! So, here are some photos from yesterday:
From left, Anthony, Ben, Si, Lewis, Henry and Arthur.

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