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August 18, 2011

Another child grows. Another favorite gets outgrown.

First of all, take a moment to notice the walking disaster that is our wonderful little boy, Lewis. Drool coming down his chin. He's outside in his socks getting them totally dirty, for sure. His shirt is stained with salsa. He's got some kind of scrape or insect bite on his shin. And really, this is very very clean and put together for this energetic and inquisitive young person. There would usually be dirt and mud all over his hands and legs and some kind of food or other substance on his face. Then look at those legs sticking out of those shorts.

I love these shorts and I especially love them on a boy. There's something innocent and nostalgic about short shorts on a boy. Maybe because you get to see so much of those wonderful little boy legs while they run and climb and dance. The shorts might make me nostalgic because Art wore them. Or maybe because they are size 24 months. (They are wide and have a very generous waistband.) Anyway, I hate to pack them away but Lewis stuffed a granola bar in his pocket and said the shorts were tight. So I will retire them again. Goodbye little shorts. Goodbye little legs.

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