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August 14, 2011

Nature day.

It's been too long since nature day. Today, bright and early, we headed out for the always fun bird sanctuary and flower garden near Lake Harriet. I've been reading some of the book "Last Child in the Woods" and feel a certain urgency about letting Arthur and Lewis explore the outdoors undirected. I'd love to live near the woods or something more earthy so they could play outside whenever they wanted without a special trip. But, that said, just being outside I think does a kid (and a parent) quite good. One quote I shared via twitter the other day that I especially love from the book: "Unlike TV, nature doesn't steal time, it amplifies it."
Again, we saw deer. Jessica took this nice photo. Nice photo, Jessica!
The boys were pretty excited about finding this 'pokey' caterpillar.
Running through the woods leaving scent trail of deet.
After our walk in the woods the babies napped on the grass. Art, quite spontaneously, quietly went over to Bailey and just sat next to her. I think he really really love Netta and Bailey.

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