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August 15, 2011

I willed this to happen!

Ben has been shooting the Minnesota Lynx basketball lately and has had such a good time he got us tickets to the game.  Art, Lewis, Ben and I watched the team go through the motions with the unfortunately inferior Tulsa Shock.  Ben said it is a LOT more fun when the teams are evenly matched because the Lynx play such a good game (they're the best in the WNBA right now, apparently) but we all had a really good time.  In fact Art was talking the phone to his best friend, Si, today telling Si all about how they ate "all the good things" - pizza, hot dogs, snow cones - and that he and Lewis threw the ball in the basketball goal (this was during halftime in a kid area).  But really, the best part was I scored us a free bag of kettle corn!  At the end of the game there was a promotion for some kettle corn and I saw them standing at the end of the bleachers with the barrel of popcorn bags.  I knew they were going to throw the bags to the crowd and I was determined to get one.  I really wanted that popcorn.  And I GOT IT!

It was really good, by the way.  And I did share.

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