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July 01, 2011

Dangerous animal creeps into Minneapolis yard...

I love plastic animals and we have quite a few. We keep them in a large open basket, inspired by Art's preschool teacher, so they are always available. And they are almost always in play rotation. I have been known to refuse all kinds of toys, but never a plastic animal. And here's why; A good plastic animal is frozen in the middle of some kind of action or behavior, making it the greatest joy to find, say, sitting on a window sill or stacked with other animals in an animal party...

Anyway this crocodile was on the sidewalk that leads from the front to the back of our house for the past several days, but it was not sedentary. Oh no! Each day it crept slowly to the backyard. I don't know how it moved, or who moved it, but each day it would be a foot or so further along the path, always baring it's ferocious teeth amidst a rapid shooshing of it's tail. Then yesterday it appeared in the grass of the backyard, threatening us all!

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