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April 05, 2011

The mother of ALL animal parties.

Several weeks ago Art created an activity that has had incredible endurance: The Animal Party.  Every now and then since that day the boys will get involved in carefully stacking the animals in some semi-deliberate scenario. Once it was piling them all in the wingback chair with snakes draped over the back and arms. Another day it was stuffing them all inside the small dollhouse my mom brought over and standing in the window sill nearby. And then, a week or so ago, they created the Animal Party to End All Animal Parties. They worked on it for forty minutes or more while I was making dinner one night. At one point Art called to me, "Mama! Can you help me make Baby T-Rex stand up?" which I didn't do. I just told him he had to try over and over. You'll see in the detail shots of this fantastic Animal Party that he was successful. Note also the very fine garage Lewis built for a car, various animals riding on other animals and regal train passengers.


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That looks like an awesome party.

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